Destiny Discover

Class lists for September will be based on our present enrolment. Please keep
in mind that we continue to consider many factors when placing students in a specific classroom.

We cannot make a decision for one student that may cause us to make an unfair or inequitable decision for other students. With this basic premise in place, we also consider the following factors: accommodations for our students with special needs, students who are on similar academic programs or levels of achievement, students who are a positive support and influence for each other, students who are a negative or antagonistic influence on each other, number of boys and girls as well as the number of classes per grade needed including combined grades.

Staff works collaboratively to determine which classroom placements will benefit the students and provide the delivery of the best possible program. Combined
classes are a reality. They are a result of having too many students for one class and not enough for two.

As you can appreciate student class placement is not an easy process and careful consideration is given to the needs of each student. In spite of this, it is virtually impossible to keep everyone satisfied.

If you have any information that would be beneficial in the planning process for your child, please send a written letter addressed to Mr. Kosic by Thursday, May 31st. We will not be making requests for teachers as this causes a great deal of difficulty in planning for the needs of the student body as a whole.

We ask for your continued support as we attempt to meet the needs of all of our students. It is not a best practice to move students placements once the school year begins.

Mr. Kosic