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Learn an international language

Would your child like to learn a new language or learn more about his/her heritage language and culture?

For over 25 years, the International Languages Program has provided elementary school children, JK to Grade 8, with an opportunity to experience the culture, traditions and language of their own or another heritage. Over 20 language classes are offered free of charge.

Classes take place online via Microsoft Teams and myClass for 2 ½ hours per week. No prior knowledge of the language is necessary. Registration usually takes place once the regular school program begins, although it is a continuous program and students can register any time during the year.

The focus of the elementary program is to offer children an opportunity to develop and/or maintain the ability to listen, speak and write a new language or the language of the home or heritage, and at the same time learn about the culture and heritage associated with the language.

In fact, research shows that learning or maintaining a second or third language has a positive effect on all aspects of a child’s educational development.

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Learn an international language