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Patron - Saint Vincent de Paul
Saint Vincent de Paul

Saint Vincent de Paul

Vincent de Paul was a priest of the Catholic Church who dedicated himself to serving the poor. De Paul was renowned for his compassion, humility and generosity and is known as the "Great Apostle of Charity".

Vincent was born in France in 1576. When he was still a young priest, he was taken by Turkish pirates who sold him into slavery. For two years, Vincent had to work hard for the masters who bought him. He converted his last master and then was set free.

Vincent was sent to work in a parish near Paris. He was a very great friend to the poor. He started groups and looked after them. The women took care of the sick and cooked meals for them. Men gave food and clothes to the poor.

Vincent started the Order of the Daughters of Charity who worked for the poor and sick. He built homes for the needy, sick, aged and abandoned children. He also started the Congregation of the Mission, a society of priests, and missionaries called the Vincentians.

Vincent died in Paris at the age of 84. The St. Vincent de Paul Society continues his work for the poor. His feast day is celebrated on September 27.